Letters of Commendation and Feedback

Letters of Commendation and feedback


Australian Government Quality Teaching Awards Individual Winner

Ms Joanne Tate, Ararat Community College, VIC

Through the hands-on use of online technologies as a window to the world, Joanne Tate has been able to empower her students at Ararat Community College in rural Victoria.
Her initiative has seen the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the study of values integrated across the curriculum at the College.
Many of Ms Tate’s students are from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a significant number of the College’s students receiving the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).
Ms Tate found that students were increasingly concerned and affected by violence, growing social problems, a lack of respect for each other and the world around them, and a lack of social cohesion.
She has worked hard to engage students in this rural city in positive cultural experiences and help them identify and connect to the global community through the use of ICTs.
Since implementing projects such as Breaking the Silence, Colouring our Culture, Faces of War and Third Age Living, student absenteeism has declined and unique partnerships have been established within the community and beyond.
For Ms Tate, her work with the International Conflict Resolution Centre (University of Melbourne) has confirmed the importance of guiding students through the sometimes difficult issues and themes confronting them in the daily media.

Dear Jo

Hope things went well for you at Melb University session. A quick note from John with the returned pieces says "wonderful presentation" and the evaluations filled out by the students echo that too:
"I thought the presentation was fantastic - real eye opener in terms of what can be done in terms of the 'global' classroom (ICT activities)".
"Great class".
"It was good and opened some new possibilities for me to use.Very well done and extremely helpful".
"Excellent! I'm inspired!"
"Excellent. Really opened my eyes to some fantastic new opportunities".
"Great, got me thinking. Very inspirational."
"Wow - Kahootz!"
"Fantastic. Resourceful and relevant. Thanks".
"Thanks very much. That was great".
"Need more time for group interactions".
"Great stuff".

Thank you for doing this activity for Diane and taking care of everything in her absence.

Denise Miles
Director of Projects
Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria Inc PO Box 2066 CAMBERWELL WEST 3124
Street Address: 503 Burke Road
Phone: 613 9824 8355
Fax: 613 98248295
E-mail: dp@gtav.asn.au
Web: www.gtav.asn.au

-From: nelsonc@phsc.vic.edu.au [mailto:nelsonc@phsc.vic.edu.au]
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 11:24 AM
To: Jo Tate
Subject: FW: Global Seminar program and I*EARN query
Dear Jo,
I thought you might be interested in this. We haven't got the technology yet.
That Kohootz thing has really taken off and we are getting going into I*Earn here at Princes Hill SC since your presentation
Cathy Nelson
Princes Hill SC

From: Barbara May [mailto:mayb@paradise.net.nz]
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 9:45 AM
To: Jo Tate
Subject: NZ English Teacher
Hi Jo
I'm a NZ English teacher just home from our English Teachers Association conference in Auckland where a fascinating keynote speaker was Joan Dalton. She showed us some of your work through "iearn" - in particular the Faces of War project.
Your approach to English teaching is inspiring and it was great to see someone have the courage to attack curriculum from a different direction. In NZ our senior school curriculum has been fragmented by objectives and in assessment, by standards-based assessment, which seems to lock teacher thinking into the old genre-based approaches. We are currently reviewing our curriculum but I don't hold hope for non-subject based approaches.
So, like you, we as teachers will need to collaborate and find inventive ways to marry assessment requirements for qualifications with thinking and learning strategies that prepare our students for a society far different to our own. I particularly liked the ways you have used technology as a tool for learning and developing personal values and relationships rather than the current wow factor of technology in the classroom which seems self-defeating in terms of learning.

Here, I think that collaborative, non-subject-specific project work is mainly undertaken in our Gifted and Talented programmes. So now I'm thinking of how to use this approach with a limited ability group I teach at Year 11 (your Year 10) level.
Do you know of any educator forums where teachers are sharing their ideas?
Best wishes
Barbara May
South Otago High School

My tour of some Regional SA schools
Posted 20/02/2001
Hello Jo,
Thank you for your time and obvious energy yesterday.It brought up a few issues in my mind and around the group.
The next comments are me thinking aloud to you(dribble really!)
Please take it as a compliment that you got me turned on after a 3 day long conference!
1.Your global ventures certainly got people thinking and looking at using your ideas.
2.After your talk we had discussions about how in our district there are some wonderful examples of teachers and effective practice and how we can use these people to model what is happening in our own back yard and across the district.
3.As a site leader I am interested in getting whole school involvement and ownership of using learnning technology. It seemed to me to be fantastic to hear about what you are doing. As a principal I was interested in the underlying story there. I am keen to get our district leaders involved and role model learning Technology so that it becomes imbedded in the school.
4. Our school is also heavily involved in Learning Tech, we use imacs and ibooks. We have students working on movie editing for KESAB presentations and enterprise activities for the River Murray. Technology is embedded in our whole learning programmes. We would loved to get involved in other projects. Please keep us in mind.
Our web site is
Thank you for your time and making us aware of what can be done as an individual and what can be done in the future with our schools.
Noel Kneebone
LETTER 2 - From the organiser of the conference
Derek Blackwell [dblackwe@narsouthps.sa.edu.au]
Dear Jo,
Thanks for a great presentation to our group on Tuesday! There were many comments - all positive- about how natural you were and how passionate you were about the work that you do with kids and technology. There were a number of suggestions about kidnapping you or at least luring you to our side of the border!
Seriously, you left people with a feeling of "can do" after your talk. I don't think that there were too many questions because you had said it all and people were trying to let it sink in so that they could plan for their own situations.
Clearly, some clusters of schools would like to see and hear more of you in the future and I think that there will be invitations to come over here for presentations if you can do that. More of that later. At this stage, however, just a great big THANK YOU and we'll be in touch.
Regards, Derek

From: Yoko Takagi <teleclas@mbd.sphere.ne.jp>
Subject: Re: I hope you will be a bit free on May 11th for us.
Date: May 02 2001, 15:53
Dear Jo
Your audience is mostly junior high school teachers with some elementary and senior high school teachers. I have not reported the numbers of them yet. When I get it, I will tell you right away. There will be some teachers from board of education, city mayor? and press people.
I had a test with the teacher, Mr.Masumoto at Yabuchi JHS just now and found that the number of audience would be over 30.
Let me tell you the area where the workshop is held.
People say that it is facing pacific ocean, surrounded by beauty of nature, but really a remote area, (it will take me about 5 hours to get there) that is why those school students need access to other worlds. Those schools rare have chances to join global projects, and do not know iEARN.
Also as you know, we always have language difficulty to communicate.
Looks helpless....but, Jo, I think teachers enthusiasm will be high and will make effort by themselves to move forward for their students when we inform iEARN and guide them step by step, which iEARN Japan is going to do.
So....your audience may be shy first of all. Poor English to talk with you. But will be very glad to contact you through video conference thinking it as the international door or something.
My expectation frankly on you is:
  • Clear and slow English with your attractive smile
I will translate sometimes, so it is necessary for poor translator Yoko too.
  • Tell yourself.....how your classes go with iEARN projects and how your students change with them (change?).
  • What are your favorite projects, two or three, easy and simple, to invite these schools.
Jo, if you do not mind, please add Dream School Project
and tell students who join this project will have video conference soon. I get some budget to make it, Jo!
From us, iEARN Japan member will introduce Teddy Bear Project and Folk Tales Project.
I hope they will have direct communication with you on the day through v/c, and get strong desire to get to be involved in some of them. So, this time I want to have more communication time with you rather than detailed explanation and process "how to join projects".
First 10 min. communication time with you
Next 10 min. projects with powerpoint
Last 10 min. Q&A, again communication time with you
How about this time schedule?
Love, Yoko

31 October 2001
M-LINE - Jo Tate Seminars
Seminar Evaluation Summary
Jo presented 5 sessions - 3 "Leaders Sessions"
- 2 "General Sessions"

In total 109 people attended her sessions. All participants were offered the opportunity to provide feed back and 77 evaluation sheets were collected and processed.
The following statistics give percentage responses (rounded off).
1. Response to the keynote presentation on global class rooms/internet/I*EARN etc.
Very Interesting 87% Interesting 12% Not Relevant 1%
2. Response to the presentation on video conferencing and "Lab's Alive" etc.
Very Interesting 83% Interesting 17% Not Relevant 0%
3. "Usefulness" to the teaching and learning programme:
Very Useful 60% Useful 36% Not Useful 4%
4. Likely personal response following this seminar:
Run a project 17% Join a project 49% Build ICT Skills 69%
(Several reponses ticked two possible outcome areas)
Sample Comments (multiple responses):
Thanks 10
Inspiration for my teaching 10
Motivating 5
Great, excellent 4
Dynamic, challenging 2
Passionate - you make anything seem possible 2
Great to empower and value ideas of kids 2
Awe-inspiring 2
- 2 -
There were numerous "one-word" summaries such as:
Worthwhile, fantastic, exciting, enthusiastic, amazing, broadening, flexible.
Other interesting comments:
"I like the way it is flexible for different kids."
"Encouraged me to show what we can do with country kids."
I don't have enough access to computers to explore this."
I am currently doing web projects, this has renewed my enthusiasm."
"I see Art as a wonderful way to begin in Early Childhood."
"I work in T. Studies and would like to know more about its use in my area."
"I would like to see some leaders groups - to share leaders work and get projects up and running."
"Video conferencing in SA is prohibitively expensive - we need help."
"My school MUST now join I*EARN."
The Murraylands District commitment, through M_LINE, in providing leading ICT learning to our schools and sites has been clearly demonstrated and valued in this series of seminars with Jo Tate.

Derek Blackwell

Moscow 2002 Conference - Evaluation from Russian teacher
From: epigraph@mail.ru [mailto:epigraph@mail.ru]
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 5:38 AM
To: Jo Tate
Subject: Hello from Russia!
Hello Jo!
How are you? How was your way back home to your Land Down Under? How did you like the Moscow conference?
I was so dissapointed when Rowena Gerber said me that you left immediately after the closing ceremony. I did not have opportunity during all the conference week to meet you because there was always a huge number of different people around you. I presented on almost all your presentations and I liked all of them very much. Especially your first presentation with Bill Belsey from Canada. It was your presentation about the safety on-line. It was very useful for me.
I have just scanned some photos from the conference. There is one with you. I suppose that you would like to have it. I am sorry that it is not very good because I am not a professional at the work with scanner. Hope to stay with you in touch.
Best regards,
Barbara Lialiagina, coordinator of international projects, school
"Epigraph", St.Petersburg, Russia

Letter from an inspired teacher - Sept. 2002
Hi Joanne,
I am the newly appointed R-12 IT Coordinator at Unity College in the Rural City of Murray Bridge, South Australia.
I listened, saw and was amazed by your incredible presentation made at the CEGSA conference a few weeks ago!
I would really like to talk with you more about your school, your work and how you manage projects etc; And HOW you get your school SO involved in Global connections/projects.
I realise you are VERY busy, and that you are probably inundated with requests. Would you and your school possibly be receptive to a brief visit?
I can be contacted at school (at home at the moment) via email jgordon@unitycollege.sa.edu.au
I have been inspired!!!

Regards, Jodi Gordon-Moulds.

Hello all.
THANK YOU ALL for finding time during a very busy term to attend the one-day workshops in Alice Springs and Darwin. On Wed and Thursday Jo Tate and Sigrid MacLeod worked with two schools in Darwin (NT Open Education Centre and Manunda Terrace Primary School) to developed new online collaborative projects for the NT. By the end of each working day the projects are nearly up and running - we are currently looking for partners. The two exciting projects are called:
Who Am I Project (at Manunda Terrace PS) - a visual literacy project, targeting primary aged students. It will involve posting student interviews with relatives about their favourite stories (Fiona Nixon's 1/2 class); illustrated stories, mystery objects page. The end product will be printing a calendar with partner schools. For more information contact Fiona Nixon . It is up on the Manunda Tce PS website: www.schools.nt.edu.au/manunda/whoami/
Under the Mid-Day Sun Project (at NT Open Education Centre) - an integrated Arts/SOSE/Maths/Home Ec/Science project for secondary aged students learning at a distance.
Through the sun energy theme, mini-projects evolved:
- Sun baking (solar cooking-home ec)
- Sun burning (temperature/weather-maths)
- Sun Flowers ( photography)
- Sun Shining (jewellery making)
May take about 3 weeks before the Project gets onto the NTOEC's new website.
It was really exciting watching these 2 projects develop. Will keep you updated.
PLEASE let me know if you are planning to develop online collaborative projects - if I can be of any assistance, pls give me a hoi! Lets hope Jo decides to visit us again .... next year perhaps?!
MANY THANKS to Jo and Sigrid

I forgot to officially thank Jo and Sigrid at the end of the Tuesday workshop:( Taking a week from their 2-week holiday indicates the passion and commitment they have for global classroom projects. Feedback from the participants were very positive and they were inspired by Jo's presentation (in spite of problems with quality of the data show and tv/video facilities). Ideally, it would be good to do some planning at the end of the workshop but unless one has a specific project in mind it is quite difficult to work on an imaginary project. The participants came from varied backgrounds and had different interests. Should you have some great ideas Jo's happy to hear from you. Jo's email: jot@araratcc.vic.edu.au
MANY THANKS AGAIN for your working with our teachers and for your support.
Thanks again for your interest. Please keep in touch and all the very best in your efforts to integrate learning technology across the curriculum! Cheers.

Lily Chan
Asia In Schools Project Officer
NT School of Languages
Nightcliff High School campus
Tel:08-89850 902 (NEW) Fax:08-89480 420

Dear Dr Michele Jacobsen and Joanne Tate:

My name is Nathan Durdella, and I’m the acquisitions assistant at the ERIC Clearinghouse for Community Colleges. I recently came across a copy of your paper, "Hockey Night in Canada and Waltzing Matilda: Examining Culture in a Global Classroom," at the Sixth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference in 2001. We would very much like to acquire this document for our database.
As you may know, ERIC is a nationwide research clearinghouse sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. We collect education-related materials and make them available to the entire educational community.
As I am able to download your paper from the Web, you would not need to submit any hard copies. However, our guidelines require that we obtain release forms for all acquisitions. You may download a Specific Document release from our Web site at http://ericfac.piccard.csc.com/ReproRelease.pdf and return it by mail or fax to (310) 206-8095. If you would prefer that I mail you a paper copy of this release, just let me know your address and I’ll send it out right away.
Thanks so much for your time. We look forward to highlighting your work in ERIC!
Acquisitions Assistant
ERIC Clearinghouse for Community Colleges
UCLA - 3051 Moore Hall, Box 951521
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521
Phone: 800/832-8256
Fax: 310/206-8095
Nathan Durdella

Classroom magazines
Scholastic Australia
GLOBAL PROJECTS - Jo Tate quoted in article for Classroom Magazine - Scholarstic Publication - November 2002
At Ararat Community College in Victoria, teacher Joanne Tate is crossing all cultural and curriculum boundaries via the Global Classroom Project—a database of online collaborative projects for primary and secondary schools. ‘This is a very exciting time to be involved in education,’ Tate said. ‘For the first time, as classroom teachers, we have the capacity to harness technology to curriculum creativity on a global level!’
Whether it’s working with students in Africa on organic farm experiments or designing solar cookers with students in Miami and Haiti, the project ideas are endless. These learning experiences, transcending traditional borders and barriers of our educational systems…‘link like-minded teachers; allowing curriculum development to become a flexible, collaborative process that tackles a broad range of immediate issues and needs’, she explains.

Letter of reference
To Whom it May Concern:
It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Joanne Tate. I have worked closely with her for six years, and have found her to be an inspiration and consummate professional.
Through her leadership role in IEARN projects, Ms Tate has revolutionized the way many teachers view the role of ICT. Her dedication to empowering students to make a difference is evident in each of her projects. Ms. Tate has provided hands on opportunities for students in a wide variety of areas including peace, refugees, HIV, scientific research, and the arts. This approach has created real life venues for students to exchange ideas, share concerns, and collaborate on solutions. Her online forum for students opens discussions on such topics as landmines, the war in Iraq, and a host of contemporary issues. Excellent examples of this type of work can be found on her website.
Ms. Tate was one of the pioneer teachers to reach beyond the classroom walls and open opportunities for sharing these concerns globally. She has introduced integrated technology to schools with few supplies and minimal training. Some examples are the agricultural projects she helped establish in Ghana and support for refugees on the Thai/Burma border. Ms Tate has successfully given these refugee children a global voice on her website.
Much of my experience with Ms Tate has centered on her global arts projects and Labs Alive, a collaborative science/environmental project. Her global arts projects have created a bond between students that surpasses any language barrier. The opportunity to express oneself and share work internationally has opened many opportunities to further communication.
The Labs Alive project, which won the Stockholm Challenge last year, is exemplary in its mission of having students collaborate and work on scientific experiments online. These real life "experiments" include such projects as: setting up solar cookers in developing countries, introducing vermiculture to other countries, and discovering medicinal herbs in our own backyards.
Ms. Tate's enthusiasm for assisting teachers is evident in her training programs and workshops. Her dedication to the profession, creative talents, and innovative techniques have literally touched the lives of thousands of students. Her website clearly shows the extent to which she has successfully implemented these programs and projects. It is indeed a privilege to work with Ms. Tate, and I highly recommend her for this esteemed honor.

Rowena Gerber, Director
Abess Center for Environmental Studies
Miami Country Day School
601 NE 107th Street
Miami, FL 33161

25/02/04 - From Stawell SC after a 1 hour session.
Dear Jo,
I will phone tomorrow anyway, but just a note to say that the responses to both your presentation and in fact the whole day has been unanimously positive. Your global projects are inspirational and the SOSE KLA meeting next Monday night should be very interesting. I will push for us to pursue a global project, perhaps small scale initially.
So it is now up to us to maintain the energy and see if some projects and more integrated uses can be developed.
Thanks again, your help, ideas and amazing creativity.
John (Stawell PD Co-ordinator)

Thursday 28 April 9.30am - 3.30pm Geelong
Evaluation Form Summary
Session: Towards an Integrated Curriculum
Jo Tate, Ararat Community College
Was this session presented in a way which:
(a) was appropriate to the topic Very good 15 Good 8 Passable 1
(b) was interesting and enjoyable Very good 20 Good 3 Passable 1
(c) gave an understanding of the topic area Very good 15 Good 9 Passable 0
(d) maintained interest in the content Very good 18 Good 5 Passable 1
(e) Any comments?
" A very inspiring session -thanks.
" Much more time needed given the scope of ideas and wealth of material.
" Creative. Great ideas. Role modeled ICT skills.
" Wonderful energy, enthusiasm.
" Where does Jo get the time and energy?
" Too much detail of specific Global Classroom Project - a demonstration of achievements rather than necessarily directly linking it to VELS. Saw connection later on - eg. Kahootz.
" Lots to tell us - some more time?
" Made us feel so crap as teachers! Must go back and get hold of resources and invest the time required.
" What a fantastic level of enthusiasm. Amazing work. Exhausted just listening.
" Excellent examples of diversifying our curriculum. Would have liked more explicit information on how to implement similar. Inspiring stuff!
" A little jumpy.
" Wonderwoman!!
" Great for ideas for integrating topics. Incentive to use technology.
" Enormous energy - excellent presentation.

The most valuable feature of the day was:
" Listening to the teachers
" Morning
" Jill's modeling of how to develop units of work. Some of the handouts on standards.
" Increasing clarity of the impact of VELS on curriculum.
" Ideas to implement cross curricular units. Clear knowledge of VELS.
" Session 1 -discussing and clarifying VELS.
" Valuable handouts to allow ordered presentation. Overviews for discussions.
" Jo Tait's presentation.
" Debunking VELS myths.
" The no-nonsense, no waffle approach to the material.

The day could have been improved by:
" More practical application of VELS in schools.
" More hands on examples to illustrate the points in the afternoon session - sympathetic though - hard in the afternoon and after lunch.
" Providing further examples of units; providing handouts for Session 1. Can we get them?
" A short break in the fresh air.
" More discussion on how we restructure to cater for an integrated curriculum.
" Less time for breaks and more punctual starts after these breaks.
" Tables -hard to write.
" Some hands-on activities - interactive white board for presenters.

Other comments:
" Another day(s) to share ideas, look at progress…
" Very timely in-service in terms of where our school is at in implementing VELS. Don't know how valuable the 3rd session was in terms of VELS.
" Three engaging presenters who were able to infuse positive attributes and 'sell' VELS.
" Thank you! X2

PD VELS Humanities Teachers - Melbourne Day 2
Tuesday 10 May, 2005 9.30am - 3.30pm Melbourne
Evaluation Summary Form
Towards an Integrated Curriculum
Jo Tate, Ararat Community College
Was this session presented in a way which:
(e) was appropriate to the topic
Very good - 35 Good - 15 Passable - 5 Poor - 1
(a) was interesting and enjoyable
Very good - 41 Good - 11 Passable - 4 Poor - 0
(b) gave an understanding of the topic area
Very good - 34 Good - 17 Passable - 4 Poor - 1
(c) maintained interest in the content
Very good - 35 Good - 15 Passable - 4 Poor - 1 No indication - 1
Any comments?
- Unfortunately she made my teaching look totally inadequate. However I did get lots of very valuable ideas on how I could 'improve'.
- I think it initially was unclear of the links with VELS in all of her presentation of what she'd done. Also that while her project were fabulous - they were massive, time consuming and unrealistic for the average teacher.
- Jo Tait's strategies are not realistic to your average SOSE class with 26 -29 students in it! Access to computers each lesson?? Tasks were integrated but she failed to explain how. The handouts at the end of the session were useful.
- Initially I was really interested. However, because it was simply on outline of what she was involved in, there was no systematic development of skills that I could apply. I did marvel, however, at Jo's energy and enthusiasm.
- Look, while she was fantastic and supremely capable, I didn't feel that there was all that much in the presentation that I could take back with me. I felt like I'd just been on a car ride down an autobarn and it had been so fast I could barely remember the scenery.
- Being from the commerce side, there was very little coverage at all, with the humanities/SOSE area dominating the discussion.
- Intimidatingly inspirational.
- Can it really work in a large urban school?
- Very stimulating thinker.
- Excellent, exciting and stimulating.
- I would love to hear her talk about staff management and motivation for yet something new, something more. She was great.
- Excellent presentation that moved swiftly and inspiringly over a large range of ideas. Great timing and variety. Thank you!
- Outstanding.
- Excellent presentation - wish I could do all this. Sheets we were given are amazing, will help with planning for 2006. This was the best session for the day.
- Amazing energy level and LOTS of food for thought.
- Great ideas, thanks.

The most valuable feature of the day was:**
- Talking to others.
- VELS presentation x 2.
- Humanities in VELS.
- Templates and workshop iterating Domains and Strands How areas related to VELS.
- Information on VELS. Photocopied material suitable for exploration and discussion on VELS in faculty meeting.
- Time out to get head around VELS.
- Resources.
- Overview of how VELS fits into the curriculum x 2. Expectation of VELS x 2
- Making contact with other teachers, seeing what they are doing.
- Knowledge that there is support and there are sample units to assist schools with roll-out of VELS.
- Towards and integrated curriculum.
- Getting my head around the terminology.
- Information/presentation given by Jo Tait x 2
- Valuable insight into changes/VELS.
- Learning about VELS related to SOSE (and even other KLA'S).
- First 2 sessions, especially session 2.
- VCAA - making VELS more accessible.
- 2nd session - Ararat School - Integrated Curriculum Examples.
- Injection of enthusiasm.
- It made me think.
- That I feel lot more comfortable with VELS.
- Some handouts.
- Pretty much everything.
- Overview of task ahead.
- Ideas from Jo Tait - inspirational. More insight into other integrated units would be helpful.
- The first session as it was directly relevant to the directions we are taking at our school. The second session provided us with ways of delivering VELS. It did show what could be done with an integrated approach.
- De-mystifying the concepts.

Taking Charge or losing control? Adventures in the Global classroom.
-Jo Tate
"Actually completely blew me away with the capacity that the internet has to create a globally united classroom" 5/5
"Excellent ideas session" 4/5
"An excellent presentation by a passionate teacher. Every school needs someone like Jo." 4/5
"What an impressive speaker. Fantastic ideas and work." 5/5
"We need this woman on staff!!! What a whiz!" 5/5
"Fantastic classroom methodology and ideas. Best PD I've been to." 5/5
"Fabulous - relevant, inspiring, motivating and accessible." 5/5
"Amazing that she had done so much. Great presentation. Inspiring." 4.5/5

Using Kahootz in the classroom. The new literacy.
-Jo Tate
"Unfortunately didn't know that it had to be loaded on laptops. Jo did a great job of presenting without 'hands-on'." 4/5
"Great presentation - but assumed ICT knowledge. Handout notes would have assisted." 4/5
"Some great ideas here for 'mind mapping' with a difference. The misunderstanding about bringing the software was unfortunate, but Jo dealt with it well." 3.5/5
"Great new program with purpose for students. Didn't however, have the program to use." 3/5

Dear Jo,
This is a belated thank you for your contribution to Linking latitudes conference held in April. We were very pleased with the conference program and participants valued the experience. In particular the quality of workshops was noted by all participants - we could have run the workshops more than once.
Particular comments relating to your workshop included
  • Very enthusiastic
  • Excellent good to see what schools are doing
  • Terrific to get information about methods you can use successfully in the classroom.
  • Jo tate was fantastic
With thanks
Julie Dyer
Conference papers on the Linking latitudes Conference, April 2001 can be
found at www.asialink.unimelb.edu.au/aef/shanghai

From: se <103662.2112@compuserve.com>
To: Joanne Tate <araratcc@netconnect.com.au>
Date: Thursday, 29 July 1999 1:51 PM
Subject: Re: Absolutely incredible!
Hello, Joanne!
I was extremely impressed with all that you and your college have accomplished in such a short period of time. In fact, I am just beginning to take it all in. Since my elementary school is just beginning on the wave of technology, I am hopeful that soon we will be doing some very interesting interactive learning as time goes on.
Thank you for paving the path for all of us educators who are just learning the ropes of education via the internet. You give me much hope and I was also impressed with your determination to succeed. You certainly went beyond merely succeeding. Thank you for your article and the sharing of all that is being done in your sector of the world!
In appreciation,
Stephanie Kellerman
A.S.K. Elementary School
Fifth grade teacher

From:Chris Weber, OSWAF <cweber@teleport.com>
To:araratcc@netconnect.com.au <araratcc@netconnect.com.au>
Date:Saturday, 24 July 1999 8:29 AM
Subject:"Publishing with Students"
Dear Jo Tate:
... We have discussing how they are going contribute to my book entitled "Publishing with Students" to published by Heinemann around 2,001. The focus of the book is on the role that the variety of publishing opportunities play in nurturing student writers and artists around the world. F
I have read the '97 issue of "Faces of War." What an important, meaningful publication! The staff must so proud of their accomplishments. I was wondering if you would consider allowing me to include an updated, shorter version of your superb essay titled "Collaborative Internet Learning" in the I*EARN chapter of my book. If you are willing (and I really hope so), we can discuss it further. Your essay would make my book richer and more meaningful.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Chris Weber