Experienced in international conference, keynote and workshop presentations

With the I*EARN Australia team Capetown

2013 - Once again too extensive to detail. Professional Learning delivered in person to Regional Director Principal forums across Victoria, via MSLYNC, via Polycom HD units etc. Here are some photos from the MCG National Partnerships Presentation in did in June 2013. 270 school leaders in the audience. I included live links via MSLYNC and Polycom to case study schools on this occassion. Professional training delivered in person around blended learning to prospective content providers such as National Gallery of Victoria, Arts Victoria and Opera Australia.
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Above: MCG June 2013

2008 - 2012 As an Ultranet Coach Too extensive to detail all the delivery of PD in my role as Virtual Learning Systems team member, and Ultranet Coach (weekly PD delivery), but including: Ultranet Release 1 & 2, Kahootz3, Cybersafety, Using Elluminate, Vodcasting, Podcasting, Intel On-line Thinking tools and curriculum planning, Wikis and Blogs, 21st Century Skills, Principal's Conference Presentations x 2, Beyond the Classroom presentation at AP and Aspiring Leaders Conference, LOTE Teachers Conference, and Statewide Ultranet Coaches Conference presentations.

2012 June - December Coordination of 2012 'Perfecting the Blend' Conference program - international networking

2012 May Grampians Principal's Conference Presentation at the Conference and organisation and staffing of Ultranet booth

2012 February - May Organisation of innovative PD program in collaboration with Microsoft using Video Conferencing network across the Grampians. Numerous presentations at many schools and events on the use of Video Conferencing, Ultranet and ICT.

2011 December 'Perfecting the Blend' Conference Planning, coordination of the Conference. Presentations at the Conference

2011 Grampians Regional Principals' Conference Ultranet Coaches Jo Tate & Matthew Reyntjes Building Reflective Learners in Ultranet

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While a Full Ttime classroom teacher on invitation (International engagements in RED):

2006 - Melb. University Tutorial delivery to final year education students. Global Education Project
2006 - 13th international iEARN World Conference and Youth Summit in 2006 in Enschede in The Netherlands
2005 - Presentations for VCTA, HTAV and Geography teachers association - Humanities and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards
2005 - Melb. University Tutorial delivery to final year education students. Global Education Project
2005 - Presentation at the Melb. Girls College Conference - Hilton Hotel (VEL's GCP Kahootz)
2005 - Presentation at the GCP Annual Workshop in Melb. 'The Commonwealth at Play' and Lab's Alive
2005- Friday 22 July 2005 Presentation for the Commonwealth History Project (CHP): Professional Learning Program for Teachers of History - Making History in Victorian Schools
2005 - VASSP eLearning Symposium for Principals March 31, 2005 - Kahootz Presentation
2005 - Numerous (10) Kahootz PD training sessions for staff P-12
2005 - Working with the Sth Barwon Gifted Education network of students and LOTE Italian teachers - Kahootz training
2004 - Karingal Cluster Conference presenter (invited) Victoria
2004 - Central Area Primary Teacher's Conference - Ran all day workshops on Kahootz software
2004 - World Vision - Invited to present at Global Conference - Melbourne Conf. Centre
2003 - Booked by ACT IT Division to run teacher workshops and write curriculum materials on collaborative projects (School Holidays)
2003 - Working with teachers at Selwyn House Girl's School New Zealand
2003 - Workshopping with 90 Principals in the ELK District, Tasmania
2003 - Booked by Tasmanian IT Division for teacher workshops (Easter)
2003 - Tasmanian E-Learning Conference Keynote presenter and workshops
2002 - 1 week Northern Territory PD delivery - keynotes and workshops
2002 - I*EARN International Teacher's Conference Moscow Russia running numerous sessions and also representing Childnet International on internet safety
2002 - CEGSA (Computers in Education Group - South Australia) Keynote address and workshop
2002 - Week long workshop planned in Alice Springs and Darwin. Invited by TECC and Asian Education Coordinator
2001 -Two day workshops/presentations with Murrayland's staff in South Australia
2001 - Five presentations at the i*EARN International Teachers Conference Capetown University South Africa
2001 - Presentation at the AEF Asialink Conference Melbourne University
2001 - Two day workshop on Groote Eylandt (Northern Territory) for staff.
2001 - Presenter M-LINE Murraylands (South Australia) Prinicipals Conference by video conference linkup
2001 - Presenter Statewide Telematics Conference DEET
2001 - Presented to Japan - Conference by video conference link
2001 - Presenter by VC to CEGV Conference
2000 - Statewide Video Conferencing Conference Victorian Education Department
2000 I*EARN International Teacher Conference Beijing, China
2000 ACEC 2000 Conference, Melbourne, Australia
2000 Miami Country Day School / Barry University representative attended, USA
1999 - I*EARN (International Education and Resource Network) Annual Conference - Puerto Rico
1999 - Connected Learning Statewide Victorian Conference
1999 - Statewide Victorian Video Conferencing Conference
1999 - Four day workshop for staff and students at Gippsland Grammar School
1998 - AACE International Conference - Germany
1998 - I*EARN International Conference - USA

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Grampians Virtual Learning System Team 2011, 2012