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These publications were selected as evidence of my writing skills and my early innovative interest in the use of ICT across the curriculum to support teaching and learning. I chose a few samples only. I can definitely see a change in my thinking as I am continually exposed to new ideas and pedagogy. I have kept abreast of developments in video conferencing and I am pleased to see it finally being embraced for its potential in our Region. Through my more recent reading and research, I am promoting the impact of the tools provided by the Ultranet, such as digital portfolios, and the way they empower students to reflect on assessment for learning.

My work has been quoted in presentations by:

  • Marie Smyth Lecturer, Educational Multimedia. University of Melbourne

Published/quoted articles since January 2002:

Dear Dr Michele Jacobsen and Joanne Tate:

My name is Nathan Durdella, and I’m the acquisitions assistant at the ERIC Clearinghouse for Community Colleges. I recently came across a copy of your paper, "Hockey Night in Canada and Waltzing Matilda: Examining Culture in a Global Classroom," at the Sixth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference in 2001. We would very much like to acquire this document for our database.
As you may know, ERIC is a nationwide research clearinghouse sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. We collect education-related materials and make them available to the entire educational community.
As I am able to download your paper from the Web, you would not need to submit any hard copies. However, our guidelines require that we obtain release forms for all acquisitions. You may download a Specific Document release from our Web site at and return it by mail or fax to (310) 206-8095. If you would prefer that I mail you a paper copy of this release, just let me know your address and I’ll send it out right away.
Thanks so much for your time. We look forward to highlighting your work in ERIC!
Acquisitions Assistant
ERIC Clearinghouse for Community Colleges
UCLA - 3051 Moore Hall, Box 951521
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521
Phone: 800/832-8256
Fax: 310/206-8095
Nathan Durdella

Scholastic Australia
GLOBAL PROJECTS - Jo Tate quoted in article for Classroom Magazine - Scholarstic Publication - November 2002
At Ararat Community College in Victoria, teacher Joanne Tate is crossing all cultural and curriculum boundaries via the Global Classroom Project—a database of online collaborative projects for primary and secondary schools. ‘This is a very exciting time to be involved in education,’ Tate said. ‘For the first time, as classroom teachers, we have the capacity to harness technology to curriculum creativity on a global level!’
Whether it’s working with students in Africa on organic farm experiments or designing solar cookers with students in Miami and Haiti, the project ideas are endless. These learning experiences, transcending traditional borders and barriers of our educational systems…‘link like-minded teachers; allowing curriculum development to become a flexible, collaborative process that tackles a broad range of immediate issues and needs’, she explains.